The project

The present procedure intends to finance operations aimed to attract winners of European Research Council (ERC) grants. Universities and Host institutions will provide additional funding for researchers who have been awarded an ERC grant (Starting grant, Consolidator grant or Advanced grant) and have chosen Italian institutions as Host institution to carry out their research, or who have opted to move to an Italian Institution taking advantage of the institute of fund transfer (portabilità). In particular, MIUR will provide additional funding to universities and research institutions that engage Principal Investigators awarded with Starting grants, Consolidator grants or Advanced grants. Eligible Principal Investigators are those who have either chosen, as host institution for their research, the Italian institution beneficiary under this Call, or who have opted for an Italian institution using the portability feature.


  • Reporting

    Scarica il file xls per la rendicontazione.

  • Scadenze FARE2020

    Applications must be submitted in Italian and English, under penalty of ineligibility and exclusion, exclusively via the online platform provided by CINECA starting from:
    - ore 12:00 del 16/02/2021
    and no later than:
    - ore 12:00 del 30/04/2021.